About Me

I'm a Board Certified, Licensed Massage Therapist with 20 years professional experience in healthcare, human service and education. My massage training is hospital and wellness based, including certifications in Medical Massage, Baby's First Massage, Mother Massage, and Lymphedema Therapy, with additional study in energy work, acupressure, and burn scar therapy. I taught bodywork professionally for six years and continue to teach couples and friends how to massage each other in my studio.

My typical work style blends relaxation and clinical technique, integrating slow firm strokes with muscle re-positioning. I use my hands, forearms and elbows to help clients manage physical discomfort related to widespread chronic pain patterns, headaches, low back issues, and daily wear and tear. I pay special attention to superficial connective tissues and circulatory pathways.

As practitioner and teacher, I am equal parts massage artist, scientist, and explorer. I rely on knowledge, curiosity and creativity to do my best work. It is my intention to bring safe healthy touch into clients' and students' everyday lives. I want to empower you (yes, YOU) to embrace safe healthy touch for yourself and to use it to comfort those around you.

Education: Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy, Illinois State University (B.A.), Goddard College (M.A.)